“There are many different ways to manage your divorce”

We at HCCP+ wish to formally offer a variety of non-litigated methods that allow couples to choose the method that best suits their preferences, needs and means. Although all HCCP+ members are collaboratively trained and recognize that the full-team collaborative method is superior in many cases, we also wish to explain the range of non-court-based approaches that we offer for cou-ples to consider. The methods described below are all variations on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in which (a) both par-ties must agree on all decisions, and (b) all information that is shared remains confidential, unlike in litigated so-lutions where neither (a) nor (b) are true.


Collaborative Divorce

Mediation / Co-Mediation

Cooperative / Negotiated Settlement



Parent Coordination

Co-Parenting Agreements

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Collaborative Attorneys

Collaborative Coach / Child Specialists

Financial Professionals

Allied Professionals

(Trained Mediators are identified in the individual professional’s profile)


Howard County Collaborative Professionals is a not-for-profit group of attorneys, financial professionals, mental health providers and other professionals specially trained in the collaborative divorce process. We want to help you and your families resolve your divorce in a respectful way to achieve results that are mutually satisfying to both parties and beneficial to the children. The goal is to help you learn about the benefits of the collaborative law process and to connect you with collaborative professionals who can help you with your divorce, separation, child custody & support and other matters important to you.