Specialized Processes

Parent Coordination:

Parent Coordination is a part of the ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution Process) and is child focused. A trained professional with mediation background and experience helps high conflict parents parent more effectively open up and strengthen their communication skills, make decisions in the best interests of their children, and to help them to co-parent with respect, self-control, and good judgement.

Parents are either court referred, attorney referred, or self-referred.

Using a PC or Parent Coordinator helps the parents spend less time in court, helps reduce stress on kids and parents. It is a model where children can learn better communication and problem-solving by modeling their parent’s dynamics. It also helps parents make the most appropriate decisions together, and encourages the parents to place more of their focus on the children.

Co-Parenting Agreements:

Co-Parenting Agreements are a part of the ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution process) to assist parents to create a living co-parent agreement (which grows with the child/children and their developmental stages and needs). The mediator assists the parents in designing a workable schedule, with the best interests of the child/children in mind, focusing on schedules: daily, weekly, weekends, holidays, and vacation times.

We address key aspects of helping parents agree on how they will handle certain issues as a team, for the children. Examples would include how they share information, how best to communicate, and how to schedule when a child is sick and needs to see the pediatrician, and if either parent needs to move out of the area due to work, or re-marriage.