After working for several prestigious family law firms in central Maryland, most recently as a Partner at a well-known firm in Columbia and Annapolis, Tracey decided to establish her own family law practice in Howard County, Maryland in July 2020. Tracey has many years of experience as a family law attorney and litigator. She handles an array of domestic family matters across central Maryland including but not limited to divorcecustodyalimonychild supportproperty settlements, domestic violencecontempt of court actions, post-judgment issues, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

Tracey believes each client and each case deserves time, attention, and an understanding of the unique family dynamics at play. She is passionate about helping clients find family-focused resolutions without the need for litigation. However, if contested litigation is necessary, Tracey has significant courtroom and litigation experience, and will zealously represent her clients in court during all stages of the litigation process.