Collaborative Law

  Don’t go to Court to resolve your dispute.  Choose Collaborative Law to settle family disputes outside Court. Collaborative Family Law promotes: Honesty, Transparency, and Respect. Collaborative Family Law is a new process for resolving family disputes without going to court. Collaborative Family Law: Keeps problems and assets private; Gives the parties greater control over the outcome, and [...]

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Getting to Value

For sellers considering placing their house on the market, I find that the most important concern is usually related to what the property might sell for, and of course, what the net proceeds might look like.  Fair market value is the price that real estate would sell for on the open market without any unusual [...]

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The Importance of using A Neutral Financial Professional

Most people who are going through a divorce want to maximize financial security and minimize depletion of assets. Some spouses turn to their own separate financial advisors who may, or may not, have experience and training relating to divorce. Others rely on their attorneys alone, and never seek the advice and assistance of a financial [...]

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