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Don’t go to Court to resolve your dispute.  Choose Collaborative Law to settle family disputes outside Court.

Collaborative Family Law promotes: Honesty, Transparency, and Respect.

Collaborative Family Law is a new process for resolving family disputes without going to court.

Collaborative Family Law:

  • Keeps problems and assets private;
  • Gives the parties greater control over the outcome, and
  • Focuses on the future to avoid trauma for years to come.  

The parties and their lawyers agree not to threaten or litigate the matter during the collaborative process. A team of professionals trained in the Collaborative Process, including lawyers, financial planners, social workers, counselors, and others, is available to bring about a resolution that will stand the test of time. Giving the parties the power to form a mutually satisfactory resolution allows greater freedom and flexibility in the outcome than a court can provide.  

The cost of litigation is very high both financially and emotionally.  More often than not, the parties are back in court over and over, because someone has violated an order imposed by the court.  Collaborative Family Law is less costly and much healthier for all involved.  

by Meg Oliver, Esq.